Power Performance Fitness, located in Cumming, GA is  highly regarded for our unique approach to athlete training.  We go by the motto “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”. We strive to deliver excellent athletic performance training that focuses on making athletes stronger and more explosive, as there is a direct transfer of explosive power to a tremendous increase in speed. 

PPF starts by evaluating each athlete and from there, we design personalized programs that specifically address their individual strength and weaknesses. We use data to drive player development and continue to assess throughout training. We provide training that is specific to individual positions for any sport including football, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. Our approach is proven to be most effective in delivering the most immediate improvements. Offering more than 20 years of experience in training athletes of all levels, our coaching staff provides the know-how and attention every athlete needs to reach their competitive edge.



Our program is designed for the youngest of athletes, working on all areas of athletic development in a fun & positive training environment. We focus on increasing movement awareness, coordination, speed & agility. Setting up a solid athletic foundation is essential to future success of our young athletes.



Our program focuses on change of direction, acceleration, and power training. We work on developing flexibility and mobility, as well as enhancing speed, strength, power, agility & stamina. We understand the importance of on-the-field performance and how effective training transfers to the field of play when competing for starting positions and scholarships.  


PPF is rooted in the science of building our athletes to be bigger, faster, stronger.  We provide rigorous training, individualized attention and a comprehensive plan to develop athletes that can dominate at the college and professional level.  As the game on the college and professional level gets faster and faster each year, we consider speed to be the cornerstone of our program as it will give you the greatest ability to compete at the next level. 

For more information about our External link opens in new tab or windowCollege/Pro contact Richard Camp at 678-910-3080.