Classes for Individuals With Special Needs

The “PPF Integrated” of Power Performance Fitness in Cumming, GA is an innovative adapted fitness program for individuals with special needs. We provide a structured environment that allows individuals to participate in group fitness classes. The classes work on basic core strengthening movements, as well as exercise that will increase balance, coordination, stamina, and endurance. We incorporate the use of research-based methods that encourage attention to task, social skills, sequencing, and self-management. PPF Integrated fitness classes are available for youth and adults alike.

A.C.E. Day Program (Academics, community, and exercise)

 Promoting a healthy lifestyle and independence is essential to all individuals.  The focus of our A.C.E. Day Program is to assist in developing these skills needed!  We work with program participants to build independence in living a healthy lifestyle in the home and community.  In addition, we focus on building life skills which promote independence within the community.  Each week participants focus first on healthy living through fitness then discretely work on various independent living skills, then apply these skills in the community.  This may include money skills, shopping, preparing simple meals, navigating the community and accessing the resources needed to do so.  We work with families to identify the skills that need to be generalized within the community setting and work to individualize these skills per participant.  Not only is the focus solely on life skills, but also on developing interests in leisure and recreation.  All this while having fun with their peers!

Program offered Tuesdays 10:00am-1:30pm
$250 per month (minimal 3 month commitment)